SPOA10 – Asymmetric Lift

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The world’s best selling asymmetrical lift has been updated by Rotary’s engineers. They have created a patented two-piece, three-stage asymmetrical arm that enables you to service a broader range of vehicles – with one innovative arm design.

  • Patented two-piece, three-stage arm
  • Vehicle spotting speed and ease
  • Performance tested to 20,000 lift cycles
  • True asymmetrical rotated column design
  • ALI Gold Certified (SPOA10TrioX).

Product Features

Rotary’s versatile tried and true asymmetric 2-post lift can be configured in a multitude of ways. You can choose:

  • which arms to include on the lift;
  • to make the lift faster with Shockwave™;
  • what adapters are included with the lift to make your job and life easier.

Versatility in matching the right adapters on a single lift is a win for any service bay, and adapters are now interchangeable with three vehicle contact options:

  • flip up adapters;
  • round adapters;
  • and truck adapters.

Technicians can choose the best adapter set for each vehicle to be serviced all on the same arm.

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SPOA10 – Asymmetric Lift

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