SMO14 – Open Front Lift

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Versatility: it’s the standard to which Rotary Lift’s four-post lifts are built. These lifts handle cars, vans, utes and SUVs – even light and medium duty commercial vehicles with ease. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, the Rotary SMO14 four post auto lift is the right choice for maximum productivity.

  •  Open-end design
  •  Cylinder located under the runway
  •  Dual function Sentinel Lock™ system
  •  Air filter/regulator/lubricator
  •  Adjustable latch bars
  •  Single piece non-welded runway with tracks for rolling jacks
  •  ALI Gold Certified (SMO14SW-X).

The SMO14 is offered with the option of being Shockwave™ equipped or with conventional configuration.


Capacity: 14,000lbs (6350kg)

Product Features

  • The SMO14 can be configured with Rotary’s exclusive Shockwave™ technology. Rise and descend twice as fast as standard lifts.
  • Rotary® power units are designed, built and tested with you in mind. Mount the power unit on the front or left side of the front column.
  • The SMO14 can be configured with standard features. Optional rolling jack shown.
  • Patented dual function Sentinel Lock™ system features a slack cable guide arm that stays “on guard” to manage the lock latch.
  • Concealed and protected under the runway, high-performance cables and sheaves offer durability and dependable lift operation.
  • Powder-coated hammer tone paint finish improves durability and paint life.

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SMO14 – Open Front Lift

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