Side Slip Tester – Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

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Suitable for measurements of wheel alignment on the same axle for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles up to 1.8 t wheel load by passing through the test plates. The divided mechanical unit (relaxing and measuring plate) provides correct measurement. It is mounted with special sensor to measure the shift of the plate. The measurements are controlled by Energoline® test lane software.

  • Testing of M1, N1 vehicle categories
  • Low profile divided mechanical unit
  • The relaxing plate ensures correct measurement
  • Measuring electronics based on CAN-system
  • Can be connected to existing Energotest measuring system

Requirements for installation:

  • Preparation of concrete bed / ground work with edge protection frame
  • Preparation of tracks for electrical cables


Maximum wheel load: 1.8 t

Measuring range: ±20 m/km
Measuring resolution: ±1 m/km
Measuring accuracy: ±1 m/km

Installed dimensions (W x L x D): 620 x 1140 x 50 mm
Corrosion protection: galvanised

Supply: from Energotest measuring system

Product Features

Standard equipment:

Relaxing and measuring plate with measuring electronics


Energoline® side slip tester module

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Side Slip Tester – Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

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