Rolling Tachograph Test – Heavy Lorry

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All roller brake testers operating under the Energotest system can be equipped with the rolling tachograph measuring unit (ENERGO TC).

The device has many advantages:

  • EU conformity
  • unit is mounted in industrial case with battery
  • easy handling
  • fast and accurate measurement
  • basic device for test and tachograph calibration
  • safe use for the operator.
  • independent from weather conditions

Tachograph can be installed to Energoline® software for storing, printing and sending of measured data.

The communication between ENERGO TC and the roller set is wireless – there is no cable in the driver cockpit. Thanks to Bluetooth connection between the units, work is easier and safer. Operator can select between mobile and stationary test.

ENERGO TC functions:

  • determination of impulse (W) value of digital and analog tachographs
  • measurement of effective rolling circumference on roller brake tester
  • control of distance counter on roller brake tester.
  • adjustment of devices DTCO, MTCO and all other tachographs accepted in EU
  • automatic test diagram of MTCO and all analog tachographs accepted in EU
  • download of the main storage of digital tachographs
  • determination of clock deviation (in secundum) of devices MTCO1324, MTCO1390, TSU1391 and all analog tachographs accepted in EU
  • optionally it is able to test Motometer tachograph

The devices and the brake tester have to be calibrated according to official directions. We can provide calibration certificates under special request.

The calibration of the device and the roller brake tester is done by the authorized organisation or service company, determined by the regulations of the given country.

Product Features

Package contents:

CTCII test device
Device case
CD with operating instructions for the CTCII (German, English and French)
Test cable DTCO 1381/ EFAS/ SE5000/ SmarTach©
Test cables, MTCO 1324 and 1390
Power supply connection cable 10-30 V DC
Test cable SE2400
Mains adapter 100-240 V AC

Testing process:

For mobile tests, only the contents of the case are required. For measuring on the roller brake tester, a roller speed transducer (2 pcs) is required.

Infra transducer:

With a light-reflecting sticker fixed to the tyre, the infra cyclometer is able to sense the turns (it counts 10 rotations). The recorded values are transmitted to the central unit. A cable needs to be connected when using an analog tachograph device.

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Rolling Tachograph Test – Heavy Lorry

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