Roller Brake Tester – Commercial Vehicles – 13t

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Suitable for diagnostic brake measurement and periodic technical inspection of commercial vehicles, trucks and buses up to 13 t axle load. The divided mechanical units are mounted with load cells to measure brake force and special sensors to detect wheel slip. The equipment and measurements are controlled by Energoline® test lane software.

  • Brake measurement of M2, M3, N2, N3, O3, O4, T vehicle categories
  • Can be installed before or on inspection pit
  • Elevated mechanical unit to measure trailers, semitrailers, axle groups
  • Measuring electronics based on CAN system
  • Brake measurement versus time, air brake pressure (option) or pedal force (option)
  • Drive-out aid with rotating rollers
  • 4WD brake measurement (option)

Requirements for installation:

  • Preparation of concrete bed / groundwork
  • Preparation of electrical installation and protective tubing
  • Preparation of tracks for electronic cables


Maximum axle load for measurement: 12 t
Maximum axle load for drive-over: 13 t
Minimum track width: 850 mm
Maximum track width: 3050 mm

Roller diameter: 273 mm
Roller length: 1100 mm
Roller elevation: 50 mm
Roller surface: epoxy-based corundum
Roller friction (dry / wet): 0.8 / 0.6

Measurement speed: 2.18 km/h
Measurement range: 0-30 kN
Measurement accuracy: ±1%

Air brake pressure measurement range: 0-10 bar
Air brake pressure measurement accuracy: ±1%

Installed dimensions (W x L x D): 4300 x 1020 x 340 mm
Corrosion protection: galvanised

Drive power: 2 x 9.2 kW
Supply: 3 x 400 V
Fuse: 3 x 50 A

Product Features

Standard equipment:

  • Left and right mechanical unit
  • Electronic power box
  • Emergency button
  • RS232 computer interface
  • Accessories
  • Energoline® test lane software
  • Computer configuration

Optional accessories:

  • Computer desk
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Wireless remote controller with pedal force meter
  • Air brake pressure sensor
  • Tachograph control unit

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Roller Brake Tester – Commercial Vehicles – 13t

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