RELS 2000 – Brake Lathe

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The design of the gear boxes in our brake lathe eliminates high maintenance and expensive mechanical gears.

Installed with serpentine pulleys and belts gives you a quieter machine while reducing chatter and vibration.

Machine rotors faster, and get the best possible finish with our infinitely variable speed gear box.

Internal parts are compatible with the Ammco 4000 Brake Lathe.


Spindle speed: 150 and 200rpm

Crossfeed speed: Infinitely variable, 0 to .010″ p/revolution

Spindle feed: Infinitely variable, 0 to .020″ p/revolution

Spindle travel: 6⅞”

Max rotor width: 1¾”

Drum diameter: 6″ to 28″

Max rotor diameter: 17″

Drum / rotor weight: 150 lbs w/ 1″ arbor | 250 lbs w/ 1⅞” arbor

Motor: 1HP | 115v 60Hz; 220v 50Hz | 1PH

Shipping weight: 685lbs

Product Features

Bench and standard equipment are included in the brake lathe package.

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RELS 2000 – Brake Lathe

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