Pedal Force Meter

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“Z” cell pedal force meter for measurements on roller brake testers. Available in cabled or wireless version with calibration potential. Suitable for brake measurements of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. When used with Energoline® software controlled test lanes, it is suitable for periodic technical inspection of vehicles according to official requirements.

  • Ribbed design to ensure anti-slip adhesion
  • Can be fixed with rubber strap to the shoe or to the brake pedal
  • Can be used with any kind of brake pedals
  • The wireless version can be connected to a wireless remote controller
  • Can be connected to Energotest roller brake tester’s electronic power box or to separate field box
  • The cabled version can be easily connected to existing CAN measuring electronics
  • The wireless version requires installed CAN system-based receiver unit


Measurement range: 0-1000 N
Measurement accuracy: ±1 %

Dimensions (W x L x D): 60 x 50 x 30 mm
Weight: 350 g

Product Features

Cabled version:

  • Pedal force meter mounted with 12m-long cable
  • Rubber strap for fixing
  • Measuring electronics based on CAN system

Optional accessories:

Cable bracket

Wireless version:

  • Pedal force meter mounted with 1.5m-long flexible cable and connector
  • Rubber strap for fixing
  • Wireless remote controller

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Pedal Force Meter

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