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Transportable mobile station in luggage trailer form for roadside tests of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Hydraulically actuated remote controlled self-loader system ensures fast and safe installation. Suitable for brake measurements and to examine suspension and steering elements. The roller brake tester and the measurements are controlled by Energoline® test lane software.

  • Examination of M1, N1, O1, O2 vehicle categories
  • Low mechanical unit with access ramps
  • Installable at the roadside without external power supply
  • Electrical supply by power generator or direct external power
  • Elevated rear rollers to measure higher brake forces
  • Measuring electronics based on CAN system
  • Brake measurements versus time and pedal force
  • Drive-out aid with rotating rollers
  • Hydraulically actuated joint play detector
  • Longitudinal, lateral and turning movements
  • Different test plate surfaces

Requirements for installation:

  • Required free place: 4.8 x 12 m
  • Installation time: 5 min
  • Power supply from the towing vehicle by power generator
  • Operation from interior operator room of the towing vehicle


Gross weight: 2000 kg
Towing hitch load: 75 kg
Towing: with standard hitch ball
Electronic system: 12 V
Length: 4380 mm
Width: 2100 mm

Roller brake tester
Maximum axle load for measurement: 2 t
Minimum track width: 850 mm
Maximum track width: 2150 mm
Maximum wheelbase: 3400 mm

Roller diameter: 160 mm
Roller length: 650 mm
Rear roller elevation: 30 mm
Roller surface: epoxy-based corundum
Roller friction (dry / wet): 0.8 / 0.6

Measurement speed: 3.18 km/h
Measurement range: 0-5 kN
Measurement accuracy: ±1%

Testing capacity: 6 vehicles / hour

Joint play detector
Test plate dimensions: 500 x 270 mm
Test plate surfaces: epoxy corundum / ribbed steel
Maximum force per test plate: 8000 N
Maximum torque: 1300 Nm
Movement speed: 40 mm/s
Turning speed: 10°/s
Lateral (right side): 80 mm
Longitudinal (both sides parallel): 50 mm
Turning (left side): 12°

Corrosion protection: painted
Drive power: 2 x 3.8 kW
Supply: 230 V power generator or 3 x 400 V direct power
Fuse: 10 A or 3 x 25 A

Product Features

Standard equipment:

  • Carrier trailer
  • Combined mechanical unit with access ramps
  • Power generator
  • Wireless remote controller with pedal force meter
  • Remote control lamp for installation and for the joint play detector

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Mobile Test Station – Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

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