Joint Play Detectors – Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

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SKU: PD-2.6 | HDA-2.6P/L


Pneumatically or hydraulically actuated equipment for examination of vehicle suspension and steering elements up to 2.6 t axle load. Due to 6 different directions of movement the joint play detector is suitable for diagnostic purposes and for periodical technical inspection. The low mechanics of HDA-2.6 allows this type to be installed on inspection pit and lifts.

  • Testing M1, N1 vehicle categories
  • Can be installed on inspection pit, and lifts (HDA-2.6)
  • Longitudinal, lateral and turning movements
  • Different test plate surfaces
  • Examinations by one person with special brake pedal depressor
  • Downward pneumatic connections
  • Downward hydraulic connections (HDA-2.6P) or sideward hydraulic connections (HDA-2.6L)
  • The covering of the moving plate edges provide additional safety for the user
  • When the equipment is turned off, the test plates are fixed, too

Requirements for installation:

  • Preparation of concrete bed / ground work with edge protection frame
  • Preparation of tracks for electronic cables and pneumatic/hydraulic tubes
  • Preparation of electrical installation, protective tubing for electronic cables and hydraulic hoses
  • Preparation of compressed air terminal with oiling system, pressure regulator and protective tubing for pneumatic tubes
  • Filling with hydraulic oil (HDA-2.6)


Maximum axle load: 2.6 t
Minimum track width: 1000 mm
Maximum track width: 2000 mm

Test plate dimensions: 500 x 280 mm
Test plate surfaces: epoxy corundum / ribbed steel
Maximum force per test plate: 4000 N (PD-2.6), 8000 N (HDA-2.6)
Maximum torque: 200 Nm (PD-2.6), 1300 Nm (HDA-2.6)
Movement speed: 40 mm/s
Turning speed: 10°/s
Lateral (right side): 80 mm
Longitudinal (both sides parallel): 50 mm
Turning (left side): 12°
Test plate with turning movement shall be located on the steering wheel side.

Installed dimensions – PD-2.6 – (W x L x D): 2260 x 670 x 130 mm
Installed dimensions – HDA-2.6 – (W x L x D)
On inspection pit: 2220 x 520 x 54 mm
On lift (2 sides): 500 x 500 x 54 mm
Corrosion protection: galvanised

Supply: 1 x 230 V
Fuse: 1 x 10 A

Compressed air
Supply: min. 6 bar
Capacity: 200 litres / min

HDA-2.6 additional data
Hydraulic oil quantity: 5.8 litres
Hydraulic oil quality: Hydrokomol U32
Replaceable: ISO-L-HM 32 or DIN-HLP 32
For locations where the temperature is constantly under 0°C the quality of U10 hydraulic oil is recommended to avoid oil numbing.

Motor power: 1.1 kW
Supply: 3 x 400 V
Fuse: 3 x 10 A

Product Features

Standard equipment:

  • Left and right mechanical unit
  • Pneumatic valve block with electronic power box
  • Hydraulic power pack with electronic power box (HDA-2.6)
  • Remote control lamp
  • Brake pedal depressor

Accessories (PD-2.6):

Local pneumatic tubes Ø 8 / 6 m

Accessories (HDA-2.6):

  • For lift installation permission from the lift manufacturer is required. Standard lift accessories (roll-down protection device, special bar to connect the two sides of the lift) shall be given.
  • Hydraulic hoses with M12 x 1.5 mm connections (standard length is 4 x 1800 mm and 4 x 4000 mm for HDA-2.6P, 4 x 2400 mm and 4 x 4700 mm for HDA-2.6L)

Optional accessories (HDA-2.6):

  • Adverse longitudinal movement with 2 additional movement directions
  • Access ramps for above floor or lift installations

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Joint Play Detectors – Cars & Light Commercial Vehicles

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