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SKU: HD-18 | HDL-18


Hydraulically actuated equipment for examination of vehicle suspension and steering elements up to 18 t axle load. Due to 6 different directions of movements the joint play detector is suitable for diagnostic purposes and for periodical technical inspections. The low mechanics allows installation on inspection pit above floor or under floor.

  • Testing of M1, M2, M3, N1, N2, N3, T vehicle categories
  • Installation on inspection pit is recommended
  • Longitudinal, lateral, turning and parallel movements
  • Different test plate surfaces
  • Examinations by one person with special brake pedal depressor
  • Downward hydraulic connections
  • The covering of the moving plate edges provides additional safety for the user
  • When the equipment is turned off, the test plates are fixed too

Requirements for installation:

  • Preparation of concrete bed / ground work with edge protection frame
  • Preparation of tracks for electronic cables and hydraulic hoses
  • Preparation of electrical installation and protective piping for electronic cables and hydraulic hoses
  • Hydraulic oil


Maximum axle load: 18 t
Minimum track width: 1000 mm (HD-18), 900 mm (HDL-18)
Maximum track width: 2600 mm (HD-18), 2300 mm (HDL-18)

Test plate dimensions: 800 x 300 mm (HD-18), 700 x 300 mm (HDL-18)
Test plate surfaces: epoxy corundum / ribbed steel
Maximum force per test plate: 30,000 N
Maximum torque: 1300 Nm
Movement speed: 40 mm/s (HD-18), 50 mm/s (HDL-18)
Turning speed: 10°/s

Lateral: 80 mm (HD-18), 100 mm (HDL-18)
Longitudinal: 50 mm (HD-18), 100 mm (HDL-18)
Turning: 12°
Test plate with turning movement shall be located on the steering wheel’s side.

Installed dimensions (W x L x D): 2820 x 800 x 100 mm (HD-18), 2900 x 840 x 100 mm (HDL-18)
Corrosion protection: galvanised

Hydraulic oil quantity: 10 litres
Hydraulic oil quality: Hydrokomol U32
Replaceable: ISO-L-HM 32 or DIN-HLP 32
For locations where the temperature is constantly under 0°C the quality of U10 hydraulic oil is recommended to avoid oil numbing.

Motor power: 3 kW
Supply: 3 x 400 V
Fuse: 3 x 10 A

Product Features

Standard equipment:

  • Left and right mechanical unit
  • Hydraulic power pack with electronic power box
  • Remote control lamp
  • Brake pedal depressor


Hydraulic hoses with M14 x 1.5 mm connections (standard length is 4 x 1800 mm and 4 x 4000 mm)

Optional accessories:

  • Adverse longitudinal movement with 2 additional movement directions (HD-18)
  • Access ramps for above floor installation

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Joint Play Detectors – Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Trucks & Buses

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