HC8530 – Automatic Tyre Changer with Helper Arm

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Automatic tyre changer with pneumatic tilt-back tower.

Robust Ø41mm hexagon shaft.

Simultaneous pneumatic locking of the horizontal and vertical arms with automatic positioning of the head in the optimal work position.

Tools head with interchangeable plastic inserts for rim protection.

Pneumatic tilting arm support column featuring high torsional rigidity in all operation positions.

Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of the turntable through electric motor.

The pedal assembly can be removed allowing easy servicing.

Protection kit for bead breaker shoe, demounting head, clamping jaw and lever comes standard.

Independent tire inflation bay with inflation tube, pressure gauge and pressure release button.

Complete with lubrication filter and pressure regulator.

DP30 helper arm:

  • Rotating arm with bead pressing block for drop-center rims, to assist fitting and removal of tyres, particularly low profile tyres.
  • Tyre lifting disk to aid in demounting difficult tyre and wheel combinations.
  • Mid-position roller helps loosening of the second bead.


Rim clamping outside: 12″-24″

Rim clamping inside: 10″-22″

Max. wheel diameter: 1040mm

Max. wheel width: 3″-15″

Beadbreaking force: 2700kg

Operation pressure: 8-10 bar

Motor power: 1.0kW/1.5kW

Power supply:

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HC8530 – Automatic Tyre Changer with Helper Arm

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