Energoline® Test Lane & Diagnostics Software

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Computer based software system for diagnostics and periodical technical inspection of vehicles. The measurements are software controlled with user-friendly interface, and the results are automatically processed, displayed (option) and stored. Energoline® is an open, integrated, customisable by parameters, complete and cost-effective solution for technical inspection lanes and for diagnostics lanes, with several special functions.

  • Control measurements
  • Communication with administrative software
  • Storing and collecting measurement results
  • Automatic evaluation
  • More than 1000 customisable parameters
  • Standalone or computer network mode
  • Interface for non-Energotest produced or sold equipment
  • Continuous development
  • Software update according to the regulations and customer demands

Information for installation:

  • Set up for data collection
  • Set up of measuring equipment
  • Set up evaluation, qualification
  • Set up operation (manual, semi-automatic, automatic modes)
  • Set up print layouts


Energoline® modules:

Data input modules

Modules for measurements

Storing of data and results

Evaluation, automatic qualification


Module for previous measurements

Communication with other software (authority, administrative and service software)

Automatic operation

Continuous error monitoring

Continuous parameter archiving and restoring

Product Features

Standard modules:

Energoline® software package and measurement modules:

  • Brake measurement
  • Suspension examination
  • Exhaust gas analyser and opacimeter module
  • Handling subjective errors – module for visual inspection
  • Tachograph control module

Accessory modules:

  • Axle load measurement
  • Headlight tester module
  • Sound level measurement
  • Side slip measurement

Optional equipment to be connected, technologies:

  • Digital camera
  • Touch screen solutions
  • PDA display
  • Wireless remote controller
  • Wireless remote controller with pedal force meter
  • Brake measurement of motorcycles
  • Brake measurement of trailers with overrun brake system
  • Inspection of 4WD vehicles
  • Inspection of vehicles with multiple axles (more than 5 axles)

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Energoline® Test Lane & Diagnostics Software

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