Cool Me 1500

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The Cool Me 1500 is equipped with oil scales that allow the charging process to be automated, while the spacious internal tank guarantees long operating autonomy. In any case, the valves located on the front panel leave the operator a fair amount of flexibility in managing the entire A/C system maintenance process. Simple, user-friendly software guides the operator through the various operational phases.

The Cool Me 1500, which has characteristics between the Cool Me 1000 and the top-of-the-range Cool Me 2000, represents an excellent solution even for an advanced user.

The Cool Me 1500 offer an exclusive UNLIMITED GUARANTEED Made in Italy pump, designed and engineered to render the efficiency you need and want, offering:

  • a real constant discharge performance over time;
  • our “gas ballast” feature that eliminates oil contaminants;
  • very low noise (< 55 db) and low-energy (370 W)

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Cool Me 1500

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