Axle Load Simulator

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Hydraulically actuated axle load simulator for brake measurements of commercial vehicles on roller brake tester. The equipment is suitable to simulate the loaded condition of unloaded vehicles. The simulation is based on the pull-down of the measured axle to the brake tester’s rollers.

  • For inspection of N2, N3, O3, O4 vehicle categories
  • Can be installed into inspection pit
  • The pull-down force can be adjusted before brake measurement
  • Easy to use control by push buttons
  • Hydraulic actuation
  • Pull-down by belt to protect the vehicle
  • Standalone or common hydraulic power pack with Energotest hydraulic axle play detectors
  • Adjustable hydraulic cylinders in longitudinal direction

Requirements for installation:

  • Concrete work of the fixing points in the inspection pit
  • Preparation of tracks for hydraulic hoses


Pull-down force: 0-10,000 kg
Accuracy of the adjusted force: ±5 %

Product Features

Standard equipment:

  • Pull-down hydraulic cylinders
  • Additional electronic control for axle play detector
  • Hydraulic block with analogue force display and regulator
  • Belts

Optional accessories:

Hydraulic power pack for standalone installation

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Axle Load Simulator

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