243156 – Electro-Hydraulic Motorcycle Lifting Bench

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This electro-hydraulic motorcycle lift is designed to be capable of high lifting and easy operating.

Along with a 1200mm maximum lifting height and 1000kg capacity, the JP24 motorcycle lift comes with a handheld remote controller and an integrated mounted power unit. This does away with power unit stands and excess hoses, keeping your service area clear of extraneous clutter.

With a full range of available options, the JP24 motorcycle lift can be tailored to meet any home garage or service centre requirements. It is perfect for anyone who owns and works on motorcycles, ATVs and UTVs.


Lifting capacity: 1000kg

Lifting height: 180-1200mm

Lifting time: 30 sec

Height min: 180mm

Length overall: 3030mm

Width overall: 800mm

Power: (enquire)

Net weight: 265kg

Gross weight: 315kg

Product Features

Powerful, reliable electro-hydraulic lifting system

Built-in 230V hydraulic power unit supplies smooth and quick lifting. Uniquely designed hydraulic lifting system makes the lifting time almost the same with or without load.

Electro-magnetic lock release system

Electro-magnetic lock release system ensures the safety and reliability of the lift. It is also easy to operate with buttons on the handheld remote controller.

Handheld remote controller

The handheld remote controller controls all the functions of the lift. With the magnet attached on the controller, you can put the remote controller anywhere at your convenience.

Adjustable self-locking wheel clamp

The adjustable self-locking wheel clamp allows one person to load the motorcycle and makes installation and removal simple. With five adjustable positions, it fits 120 to 160 series tyres. Optional narrow rocker fits 90 to 110 series tyres.

ATV side panels and front/rear extension panel

Optional complete ATV side panels kit increases width from 800mm to 1270mm. Front/rear extension panel increases length by 550mm.

Front and rear drop panel

Built-in front and rear platform drop panels provide quick access to reach and remove front and rear tyres.

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243156 – Electro-Hydraulic Motorcycle Lifting Bench

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