167217W – 7500KG mobile column lift DC type, wireless

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User-friendly operation through selector buttons on master controller for individual, paired and synchronised operation.

Siemens computer and rotating encoder provide continuous synchronisation of all columns.

Heavy duty hydraulic system and bearings on carriages provide efficient, fast and easy lifting.

Communication and electrical cables with double ends in horseshoe wiring enables a vehicle to be driven in or out easily without disconnecting cables.

Independent mechanical locking system and emergency switch on every column provide highest safety insurance.


Lifting height: 5-1700mm

Lifting capacity: 7500kg/each column

Lifting/lowering time at rated load: 100/60sec

Max. floor surface pressure (per front wheel): 3200kg

Height overall: 2250mm

Width overall: 1120mm

Max. distance between lifting columns: 9m

Operation voltage: 24V

Power: 12V DC

Noise level max: 73db(A)

Net weight: 700kg

Product Features

LCD screen with keyboard offers easy-to-read visuals of multiple settings and lifting height.

Heavy-duty wheeled pallet jack allows easy movement of the columns.

Adjustable lifting forks accommodate the widest range of wheels without wheel reducer sleeves.

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167217W – 7500KG mobile column lift DC type, wireless

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