161108D – Portable mid-rise frame lift

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The hydraulic mobile scissor lift is a manually mobile, frame contact lift incorporating the latest safety technologies.

It’s fully capable of lifting cars and light vans and safely holding them in an elevated position.

It consists of a fixed structural scissor lift, the mobile unit (wheels and trolley), the hydraulic power control system, and safety devices.

With electromagnetic lock-release safety system.

Easy for manoeuvering.


Capacity: 2500kg

Lifting height, max: 995mm

Height, min: 110mm

Width overall: 1950mm

Platform length, max: 1966mm

Platform width: 460mm

Width between platforms: 845mm

Power unit: 400V, 50Hz, 16A, 2.2KW

Ambient air temperature: +5℃ to +40℃ (41F-104F)

Ambient air humidity: 30%-95%

Altitude: below 1000 m (3280 feet) above sea level

Storage temperature: -25℃ to +55℃ (-13F to 131F)

Product Features

Powerful and reliable electro-hydraulic lifting system

Built-in 230V hydraulic power unit supplies smooth and quick lifting. Uniquely designed hydraulic lifting system makes the lifting time almost the same with or without load.

Electromagnetic lock release system

Electromagnetic lock release system ensures the lift’s safety and reliability. It is also easy to operate by pressing the buttons on the hand-held remote controller.

Handheld remote controller

The handheld remote controller controls all the functions of the lift. With the magnet attached, you can put the remote controller anywhere at your convenience.

Adjustable self-locking wheel clamp

The adjustable self-locking wheel clamp allows one person to load a motorcycle and perform simple installation and removal. With five adjustable positions, it fits 120 to 160 series tyres. Optional narrow rocker fits 90 to 110 series tyres.

ATV side panels & front/rear extension panel

Optional complete ATV side panels kit increases width by 800mm-1270mm. Front/rear extension panel increases length by 550mm.

Front and rear drop panel

Built-in front and rear platform drop panels provide quick access to reach and remove front and rear tyres.

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161108D – Portable mid-rise frame lift

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