13353A – C440-MOT-ATL flat runway with front recessing and integrated play detector

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  • Suitable for cars, long vans, 4×4.
  • Adjustable platform width with 4 positions.
  • The lowest minimum height on the market that allows short ramps even for sports vehicles.
  • Extra long runway of 4,337 x 500 mm.
  • Distance between posts of 2,573 mm.
  • This lift with a play detector is very much in demand in England for MOT tests (vehicle inspections) and the ATL (automated test line) one-person tests and inspections.
  • Designed for the use of a jack between runways.
  • The runways are designed to be able to insert rotational or alignment plates at the level.
  • The play detector is operated with a remote control.


Load capacity: 4000 kg

Net weight: 950kg

Current and voltages:
400/230V – 3PH. Three phase.

Kilowatts: 3kW

Minimum height: 135mm

Maximum height: 2090mm

Seconds to raise: 35

Runway dimensions:
4337 x 500mm

Product Features

  • Runways reinforced with double T welded steel beams.
  • Practically impossible to deform.
  • They withstand the load better over time.
  • They ensure the runway is perfectly flat, ideal for alignment and precise work.
  • Cascos prioritise safety above all else and include a double safety system as standard with all posts.
  • Cascos lifts have an indicator light that warns us if the runways are poorly levelled and ensures that the cylinder is working in perfect condition, preserving it and prolonging its useful life.
  • Cylinders manufactured and checked one by one in our factory.
  • Five-year guarantee for the hydraulic system (consult conditions).
  • Manual lowering valves that allow the lift to be lowered in the event of a power cut or fault.
  • Adjustable lifting timer that can shorten the lowering times device depending on the load volume.
  • Flow regulation valve that achieves a uniform speed regardless of the load to which it is subjected.


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13353A – C440-MOT-ATL flat runway with front recessing and integrated play detector

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